Our research is aimed at establishment of innovative regenerative medicine for heart disease. To accomplish this goal, we utilize the technologies of stem cell biology including iPS cell induction. 

We welcome everybody interested in this research field!  

Aim 1 Elucidation of molecular mechanisms explaining how somatic cell are reprogrammed to iPS cells .

Aim 2 Identification of novel molecules and pathways for safe and efficient induction of cardiac myocytes from pluripotent stem cells (ES cells and iPS cells).

Aim 3Generation of cardiovascular progenitor cells directly from fibroblasts by defined factors.

Only one cell gives rise to trillions of cells and over 200 cell types that constitute the human body.  Recent technologies have shown that pluripotency is induced by  introducing a combination of only a few genes into somatic cells.  Why somatic cells are reprogrammed into iPS cells?
Shall we explore this big mystery and then generate a new kind of stem cells other than iPS cells !